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About Congress

St. Petersburg International Housing Congress – is the world's largest business event in the B2B real estate industry. Each year this event gathers more than 5,000 participants from Russia and 30 other countries. The International Housing Congress is the best opportunity for real estate and construction companies from all over the world to increase property sales through Russian partners. Heads of the largest real estate agencies from 300 cities of Russia come to attend it.

The International Housing Congress will cover the most important segments of the real estate market: real estate business, housing construction, commercial real estate, mortgage lending, information resources and many other topics. The business program of the Congress includes more than 400 events.

The Congress also includes a B2B exhibition. The largest developers, banks, real estate agencies will take part in it. You will be able to present your objects, services and special offers for potential partners effectively. If you want to buy a place at B2B exhibition, please call: +7 (965) 044-13-37, contact person - Tatiana Filina, filina@expotime.org



On October 7, you will attend the main banquet of the Congress. It is a ceremony of awarding the winners of the National Competition in the field of real estate, construction and mortgage CREDO-2020. The laureates of the event will be organizations that have made a significant contribution to the development of the real estate market.

The ceremony of rewarding the winners of Expert of real estate market National Award will take place on the riverboat on the 8th of October. The best practionners of the market will be named and rewarded with golden badges and certificates.

On October 6, you will be able to visit opening of the new collection of works by the International Festival of Creative Real Estate Advertising ReFest-2020. You will see more than 100 bright and unique videos from more than 30 countries of the world from leading developers, real estate agencies, credit organizations and Internet portals.

The International Housing Congress includes a rich cultural and entertainment program. Every day there will be evening events, such as clubs and sightseeing tours.
On 5th October, Monday, we invite participants to take part in the River Club and set on a trip along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. We will pass through Fontanka River to Kryukov Canal, and then our ship will go through Moyka River to Winter Canal (Zimnyaya Kanavka). Then we will take in the view Krestovsky, Yelagin and Kamenny Islands and there we will watch the sunset.

The same day the Sauna club of General Directors will be held. Informal atmosphere allows heads of companies to discuss openly the current problems of the real estate market, as well as to find new business partners.

On the 6th October. Tuesday will start with the III Autumn marathon – the race around those places, where the famous Soviet film "Autumn Marathon" was made.

On the 9th October, Friday, we invite you to take part in the billiard tournament.
You will have a great time in a company of like-minded people and relax in one of the best billiard clubs in St. Petersburg.

The Congress will hold the “Kamchatcka”, gastronomical presentations of different regions, where you can taste such local specialties as Kamchatka quinnat, sea urchins, excellent caviar, herbal liqueurs, handmade sweets and exotic alcohol. “Kamchatka” is a place to get the feel of original gastronomical culture of foreign countries and Russian regions while meeting your friends and colleagues.

The international housing Congress is not only the most ambitious business program and rich evening events. This is a special, incomparable atmosphere, a lot of positive emotions, an unforgettable vacation and a great "aftertaste". In addition, the time of the Congress was not chosen by chance. Early October, Golden autumn – the most beautiful time in St. Petersburg, sung by Pushkin and other famous poets and writers.


The Congress is scheduled for working days, so if you want you can stay in the city for the weekend, visit museums, cathedrals, parks and see the Golden autumn in St. Petersburg in all its glory. Waiting for you!

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